“Not Secure” – Warnings to Start Showing by Google Chrome

“Not Secure” – Warnings to Start Showing by Google Chrome

Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘Not secure’ starting in July 

Google Chrome to Mark Websites “Not secure”

Chrome to Start Showing “Not secure” Starting July 2018

If your website utilizing SSL?

For example, look at T7Live.com : 

website with SSL Certificate

If your website is not Using SSL , in just under two weeks (July 1 2018), Google Chrome will be marking your website as Not Secure:

website without ssl certificate - showing not secure

Mostly you’re going to get a lot of negative feedback from your visitors .

Starting in July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure,” . Google Chrome currently displays a neutral information icon, but starting with version 68, the browser will warn users with an extra notification in ‘Not Secure’ the address bar.

Chrome currently marks HTTPS sites with a Green lock icon & “Secure” sign.

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Google has been nudging users to stay away from unencrypted sites for years, but this is the most forceful nudge . Google search began down-ranking un-encrypted sites in the Year 2015, and the following year, Chrome team focused on non HTTPS Websites

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https and http ssl difference - shows Not secure

What do I need to do?

You need to install an SSL certificate and change your website URL Protocol to HTTPS. Before you order one though, You may just have a single domain or you may Even have something more complicated like sub-domains or even multiple domains. Don’t worry with our all Web Hosting Packages , we provide free SSL certificates for all your Websites , Including the Sub-domains

Next you’ll need to Change the Website URL to HTTPS, you can do this by changing the protocol in your URLs to HTTPS .

The browsers also began marking HTTP sites “Not Secure”. The warnings started out just warning users when they were about to enter a password in an un-encrypted field.

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