ShortPixel Review 2018 : Auto Image Compression in Cloud

ShortPixel Review 2018 : Auto Image Compression in Cloud

ShortPixel is an image optimization WordPress plugin that offers Best Image Compression

To use the ShortPixel image optimization plugin in WordPress Website, you need to request an API key which is completely free, but you do need to provide an email address. If you manage multiple websites, you can use the same API key for all of your sites.

At T7Live as a Web Hosting Company We Use ShortPixel for Optimizing our Images

Shortpixel image compression results

ShortPixel Image Compression Types

  • Lossy: Highly Recommended. Lossy offers the best compression rate, and will shrink your image size considerably. 99% of the time, the human eye will not be able to tell the difference.
  • Glossy: Suits Best for photographers. Offers some compression, but maintains quality for high-resolution images.
  • Lossless: Only in rare cases. Provides very minimal compression, but might be needed for technical drawings or images from vector graphics.

ShortPixel General Settings

  • Include Thumbnails: Recommended. This will optimize all sizes of the image, and not just the full size image.
  • Image Backups: Recommended. Keeping backups will allow you to restore your original images.
  • CMYK to RGB Conversion: Recommended. CMYK is used in print, while RGB is for images on the web.
  • Remove EXIF Data: Recommended. This is extra information that is typically not needed.
  • Resize Large Images: If you upload very large images (3000px+ wide), you should enable this option. I recommend setting your images to a maximum width of 2000-2500px and maximum height of around 1200-1500px.

Advanced ShortPixel Settings

  • Additional Media Folders: In addition to your Media Library, you can choose images stored in other locations to also get optimized.
  • Convert PNG to JPG: I do not recommend this option. If you upload transparent PNG images, you will lose the transparency if you convert them to JPG.
  • WebP Versions: Optional. WebP images can be even smaller in file size than JPG or PNG. ShortPixel can create a .webp version of each image you upload.
  • Optimize PDFs: Recommended. Let ShortPixel optimize your PDF files to reduce their file size as well.
  • Optimize Media on Upload: Recommended. This means ShortPixel will automatically optimize all images uploaded to the Media Library.

users of shortpixel wordpress plugin

Automatic Image optimization

ShortPixel helps you in optimizing the images on your website automatically. You don’t need to configure it every time, just once you install this plugin, it starts working automatically. You can create your blogs in less time and you don’t need to worry about the time you spend while optimizing the images.

Image formats in ShortPixel Plugin

ShortPixel plugin has no file size limits and it processes PNGs, JPEGs, GIFs, and PDF files as well. You don’t need to worry if you have created a custom folder for the images because it can compress all the images stored in other folders too. You can convert the PNG images to JPEG and also optimize the retina images.

Automatically file resizing

ShortPixel runs in the background and compresses the images that you upload to your site. If you choose to resize your main images, then it is also automatically done.


ShortPixel lets you optimize the images in less time without compromising the image quality. This plugin is very efficient and the smaller optimized images do not lose their picture quality. This makes it different from the other tools.

Multiple compression Methods

You can choose the ways to compress the images as per your needs. ShortPixel has three types of compression:

a. Lossy: Lossy compression offers the size improvement. It is the option recommended for speedy websites.

b. Glossy: It offers the perfect balance between the optimization and image quality. For photographers, this is the best option for image optimization and compression.

c. Lossless: This algorithm does not affect the pixels of the images as optimized images are pixel-by-pixel identical with the original images.

API Tools

shortpixel api tool

Speediness / Speed

ShortPixel plugin compresses the images very quickly. In fact, the compression ratio was also very faster. If you want your website loads faster, this plugin is the correct for you. ShortPixel compresses all the images in a while and allows your blog or website to load quickly.

Better search ranking

ShortPixel increases your chances to get better rank in Google results pages. Having a fast site is one of the most important SEO factors. This transalte in getting high traffic on your website.

ShortPixel Plans & Pricing:-

You can find a free plan for its cloud service which will allow you to compress the 100 images for a month. To get more, you need to purchase credits. There are two ways to buy credits:

a. A monthly subscription
b. One-Time plans

Monthly Pricing

ShortPixel Image Optimization and Compression Plans and Pricing

Why ShortPixel?

  • ShortPixel runs automatically and manages all the things from its cloud. You just need to set the parameters while installing the plugin.
  • You can compress images like JPG, PNG, GIF as well as the PDF files.
  • It is compatible with WP Retina 2x and this is why all the retina images are automatically compressed.
  • It is easy to optimize thumbnails and featured pictures.
  • ShortPixel optimizes images on the website with NextGEN Gallery or other sliders or image galleries.
  • Automatically images resizing is possible with ShortPixel Plugin. You don’t need to install other plugins like Insanity.
  • (24/7) technical support available from the ShortPixel team.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, WP offload S3 compatible.
  • You can deactivate auto-optimizing images.
  • It is easy to test lossy/lossless images versions from its Media Library.
  • API Tools


  • Can I use the same API Key on multiple web sites?

Yes, you can. As long as you have available credits you can use a single API Key on as many websites as you wish!

  • A credit equals an optimized image?

Yes, that is correct.

  • Can I restore my images? What happens with the originals?

Yes. Both our WordPress Image Optimization plugin and our image optimization tools allow you to backup your files. The WordPress Image Optimization pluginallows you to restore them either individually or in bulk from the admin interface.

  • What types of formats can be optimized?

ShortPixel optimizes JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF type of files. We also offer the option to also generate (for no extra credits) the WebP version of the image, upon optimizing it.

  • Do you have one-time plans?

Yes we do. The credits that come with our one-time plans never expire.
Yummy! 🙂

  • How does the plugin work?

Our light-weight plugin sends the original images to our Image Optimization Cloud where they are compressed. ShortPixel then downloads the optimized images and the unoptimized originals are replaced with the optimized versions.

  • Do you optimize the images in cloud?

Yes, all the images processsed by ShortPixel are optimized in the Cloud. This takes the load off of your server and allows us to produce the best results.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments via PayPal and credit card.

  • What happens to my existing images?

Your existing images are replaced with the optimized ones. If you choose the backup option, then the originals will be saved in a separate folder so you can restore them, should you ever need/want to do that.

  • If I stop using ShortPixel will my images remain optimized?

Absolutely! Once optimized the images will remain optimized unless you explicitly choose to restore them. But why would you do that? 🙂

  • Do I have to pay monthly or one time?

We have both options available. One-time credits never expire but with monthly plans you pay less per credit. Check out our prices on Website

  • When can I cancel a monthly plan?

Whenever you want. The credits you still have available for the current billing period will still be available until the end of the billing period. At the end of it, you won’t be billed again and the plan will be reset to the free plan.

  • When do credits expire?

Monthly credits expire after 30 days while one-time credits never expire.

  • Will ShortPixel work if my website is using CloudFare?

Absolutely! Sometimes you’ll need to make sure you whitelist some IPs, just contact us and we’ll assist you with that.

  • What happens with my images on your servers?

The optimized images are kept on our servers for 2 hours so our image optimization plugin or you can download them. After this time, the images are deleted according to the standards. The images are separately kept and processed for each customer to prevent any unauthorized access.

  • Where is the backup folder located?

Your original images are saved in a backup folder located on your server at: /wp-content/uploads/ShortpixelBackups/

  • What happens after I optimize the 100 FREE images?

If you exhaust your free image credits, ShortPixel will stop optimizing. You can either wait for the next month’s quota when your plan will renew, or change your plan.

  • My site is not in WordPress, can I still use ShortPixel?

Yes! If your site uses PHP then you can use our command line or web based tools. They are easy to install and operate and we’re here to assist you in case you need it. We also have an image optimization API that you can use in your own applications from any programming language.

  • Do you optimize existent WebP images?

No, but ShortPixel can generate (for no extra cost) the optimized WebP version of any JPG, PNG or GIF image that you’re optimizing. If your images are delivered using JavaScript, then it is possible that our way to serve the WebP versions of your images to the compatible browsers will not work.

  • How can I pay?

We accept PayPal and (credit) card payments. If you cannot pay by any of these two means, please contact us and will work out a solution.


4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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